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Cargill-Dow GE Fleece

Cargill-Dow has recently introduced its NatureWorks line of fleece that uses corn as a material replacement for plastic. By using the natural sugars in corn, the products use a renewable resource and do not need to rely on the use of petroleum based plastics that are commonly used to make fleece.

At first this seemed like an environmental breakthrough for the chemical company. Nowhere, however, was it mentioned that the corn used to produce the fleece was actually genetically engineered corn.

Cargill-Dow claims they are attempting to find alternate sources of non-genetically engineered materials, such as straw. Until then however, they are already producing even more products from GE corn than just fleece, including carpeting, wall panels, upholstry, interior furnishings, outdoor fabrics, and plastics like those used to wrap CDs and golf balls. There were also discussions with Bed, Bath & Beyond to produce a line called “Natural Balance”, which included pillows, comforters and mattress pads made from this material.

At the same time, Dow Agrosciences is being required to pay $9,900 for allegedly mismanaging its genetically engineered corn grown in Hawaii. The EPA claims that Dow did not use an adequate tree buffer around the GE corn and did not use hybrid corn as a buffer crop around the GE corn. Dow, however, does not officially admit any guilt.