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Dioxin Contaminates Michigan

Dow’s global headquarters is located in Midland Michigan, where it has been producing chemicals since 1897. The company has been producing chlorinated chemicals, and burning and burying their waste, for most of that time including Agent Orange, and 2,4-D. An unintentional byproduct of chlorine production and incineration is dioxin, a compound that is highly toxic in miniscule amounts. It is toxic to the immune, hormone, and reproductive systems, toxic to the developing organism, and has been linked to cancer, diabetes, endometriosis, developmental problems, birth defects, immune system damage, and many other conditions.

Over the years, Dow’s release of dioxin to the air, soil and directly into the Tittabawassee River that runs next to the plant site has contaminated the surrounding community of Midland and entire floodplain of the river.

For more information:

Tittabawassee River Watch (TRW)

An organization of concerned property owners along the river promoting the protection of their homes, health, and river from the effects of Dow’s dioxin contamination.

The Ecology Center (EC)

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

Michigan Department of Community Health