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The Dow Accountability Network includes public health advocates, chemical disaster survivor groups, legal experts, investors, environmental health & justice organizations, corporate accountability groups and human rights organizations. The core of the Network includes survivors of the Bhopal chemical disaster, as well as activists in Vietnam, Nicaragua, and Michigan and the many other places faced with the public health and environmental fallout from Dow Chemical's production and use of dangerous chemicals.


Network members may combine forces to achieve any of the following goals:

  • To support and advance the demands of campaigns targeted at Dow.
  • To hold Dow responsible for its blatant disregard of human health and for its continued contamination and destruction of our bodies, food, communities and environment.
  • To challenge Dow's undue influence in the undermining of community rights and democratic processes.
  • To end Dow's production of targeted hazardous chemicals.

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Dow Chemical's fourth quarter production ran at 65%, a company lowpoint in over 25 years. December's production however ran at 44%.