Do You Need A Special Printer For Sublimation

Finally, you have decided to start sublimation printing. To get the business up and running, you will require to invest upfront for tools that will help you get started. However, getting the right printers for the sublimation business can be costly and require a huge capital. Due to the higher prices, it is common to find yourself thinking if you can still print sublimation papers using other printers or strictly get the right printer. The answer is simple; you can use other printers provided it’s compatible with sublimation papers and inks. However, before you get started, make sure to read this blog for detailed information on how to start.

Which Printers Can Handle Sublimation Papers?

Although it is possible to print on sublimation papers with a different printer, not all printers can get the job done. Therefore, before you start feeding your papers on the printer, it is essential to check whether your printer is legible to print. Here are a few pointers that may work with sublimation paper.

Inkjet Printers with Sublimation Compatibility

Epson Artisan 1430 is an inkjet printer that is upgraded for the job. It is designed with a compatible feature allowing to print on both heavy and light materials effectively. Therefore, if your printer model fits this description, then you are set for the business. However, these models are a little costly compared to those that don’t have this compatibility. So, if you don’t have the compatibility, you will require to deep slightly deeper in your pocket to get this model.

Any Printer Designed For Sublimation Printing

These printers are commonly designed with sublimation in mind. In fact, when these printers are on the market, they are sold as sublimation printers. Therefore, if you bought the printer with a sublimation advertisement, then you are set to start.

However, if you are unsure whether your printer is compatible, there is an easy way to check. Every printer has its unique specifications that indicate the type of papers you can print. You can also check for your printer’s specifications online to guarantee that you are completely sure of how your printer operates.

Which Ones Will Not Work?

Of course, printers that are not advertised as sublimation friendly will not help you with sublimation printing. However, that is not all that you need to know whether your printer can help you with your new printing adventure. Other features to consider including:

  • The printers cost. If your printer is extremely cheap, chances are it will not help when it comes to printing sublimation papers.
  • HP brand. Most HP printers are not designed to print on sublimation papers. However, with the right CISS kit, it’s easy to convert the printer.


You don’t need a special printer to get started with the information above. However, with a special printer, you are guaranteed that your printing business will be easy and will not slow you down. But, if you don’t have the budget to support investing in a special printer, you can always upgrade your current printer to fit the responsibility.

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